Welcome to Paris

Of course Paris is a beautiful city, romantic and cosmopolitan...but it is also urban, fast moving, and challenging for anyone coming from another culture, speaking a different language. Many items that will be necessary for your acclimation to the city will be explained during the period before classes begin, known as "Orientation". While this may be an optional event at many schools, it has special importance in Paris as it is during this time that housing is arranged, transportation systems are explained, and getting acquainted with your fellow students is facilitated. Much important information relating to life in Paris in general and as a student at Parsons (including a recommended list of places for supplies and books) will be covered during this period.

The answer to "What can I bring from home that will help costs?" depends on the country of origin. In general the costs of goods are more expensive in France due to a 19.6% value added tax. Art supplies and personal belongings, especially appropriate clothing and, if possible, a personal computer would all be very useful during an extended stay in Paris.

Listed below are some common facts that may be of help in preparing for a stay in the "City of Light."

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The weather in Paris, Paris Time table, Paris Transportation

Bars and Brasseries in Paris

Café de Flore, Lipp, Les deux magots, La coupole, La Rotonde, Le Dome.


Musée du Quai Branly, Musée d'Orsay

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